Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Autumn Color Infusion

Autumn Chic at Heron Lake, 8 x 10, pastel on pastelbord

My easel time lately has been shortened lately because of home repairs, holidays, travel and class starting up once again. My walks around Heron Lake have shortened along with easel time but I still manage to walk around the lake a couple days a week. I couldn't help but get inspired by this year's display of autumn fireworks. Explosions were going off in my head with each turn of the path revealing yet another breathtaking scene.

I love the fresh crisp and brisk air and a carpet of leaves neath my feet. I love my studio facelift. The color is called tea green. Hope you like it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Face Lift and An Uplift - New Beginnings

All artists need changes. We can become stagnant, stuck in a place we need to get out of. I'm out of my comfort zone now as the new paint goes on in my studio. I'm really nervous and excited much like starting a new painting. I can feel the juices flowing but can I capture on canvas what I feel inside? I must listen to the positive voice of my muse that tells me I that I can do this and do it beautifully. I have to be true to me and listen to my instinct while muting out the other negative voices that like to chime in as a chorus from time to time. Am I talking about painting my studio or starting a new painting? Once the painting is finished and I have the newly painted bare walls staring at me isn't it like looking a blank canvas? 

"It Started With Green" 16 x 20 pastel on linen mat board

"It Started With Pink", 9 x 12, pastel on sanded paper