Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Random Frieze with Dahlias
10 x 26
Pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes Paper

A dear friend of mine (who was recently widowed) passed away over a month ago following open heart surgery. I went over to visit and bring her some groceries. When I arrived at her house I found her in her favorite lounge chair having passed away. My griefing process has been a difficult one. I shall miss her forever as we were close good friends who confided in each other a lot. Last Saturday a close knit group of friends of hers had a get together to celebrate her in a way she would have liked,  having dinner and enjoying each other's company. We dressed up in her honor as she loved to dress up. It was a beautiful evening. I felt much love and belonging being with these wonderful ladies who are also dear friends. I believe our friend who passed was there in spirit and that she too loved this time we spend together that evening. After getting home and through the days that followed, I felt a big lifting of my grieving and a sense of joy and peace for the first time since her passing. Needless to say, a lot of things went to the wayside during my time of grieving including any urge to create. I believe I needed  to be still and allow myself to grieve which I did. A couple of days after our get together, I wanted to paint again. I started a new painting but found myself being drawn to a work that had been sitting around since last winter. An incredible desire to finish it came over me. I finished it and realized that I put closure to it, and that  was because I had put closure to this phase of my grieving process. I am at peace.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Painting and It's Process

"Going In"
9 s 12
Pastel on Sabertooth Pastel Paper

Still coming out of a stagnation period but so glad to see this work come to completion.
I wanted to paint something peaceful and soothing with an non objective beginning that was all I knew when I started this this piece. I started by focusing on shapes and colors. As the painting progressed, I indulged myself by using water color pencils (dry or dipped in water), pastel pencils, Prismacolor pencils and regular pencils alternation with the pastel. I used the pencils to add curved lines and draw shapes where ever my instinct prompted me to go. Next I thumbed through a creative painting book for more inspiration which resulted in my adding a waterway to draw the eye in. From this point on I adjusted and tweeted here and there until I felt at peace with this work.