Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Autumn Painting

"Autumn Mood Heron Lake", 9 x 12, Pastel on La Carte paper.

I know winter is here but without rain since I don't know when and sunny days some in the 60's, it doesn't feel like winter, in fact it still looks much like autumn. I'm still going strong painting autumn scenes. I'm loving the colors this year. This is my latest painting. I used those little make up brushes and rubbed pastel my fingertips to add the highlighted colors as the icing on the cake. This painting is loaded with my DNA.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Colorful Autumn at Heron Lake

"Heron Lake Autumn", 20 x 30, Pastel on Mi-Tientes Touch Board.

This is my first painting on the Mi-Tientes Touch Board.I'm very pleased to say that this paper has a pleasurable feel to it. It works with the pastels and it makes this artist feel gooood painting on it. This is a smoother lighter sanded paper then I'm use to. It's not as gritty as most. The pastels seem to glide on the surface with good adherence.

On another note,  I want to let you that as of this post, I will be part of the website "Before It's News" . Check it out.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

In The Mood

"Moody Afternoon At Heron Lake", 10  x 14 on Mi-Tientes Touch paper.

My Mom used to keep a couple of Hershey bars in the refrigerator for when she or anyone got in the mood for chocolate. I was a thick giant bar that you could break off sections of and much away ...hmmmm yummmm. It hit the spot. Other things that I do like wake up with a mind for letting it all hang out so to speak. In other words a no make up and sweats day just because I'm in the mood. Not a bad thing just an in the mood thing free and easy as it comes. Or how about being in the mood for watching a scary flick. One comes to mind that I recently saw with the word phenomenon or something like that in the title that is really a tense film to watch. Now I have an itch I can't satisfy because I can't remember the title. Can anyone name the title? It's about a family that has a scary event happen at their house and installs cameras that the viewer sees throughout the picture. What happens is really gripping. Anyway, why am I writing about being in the mood. I guess its because there are things that we all need to do from time to time to satisfy us. This painting was very satisfying to create having just taken a walk around Heron Lake in the late afternoon as the fog was rolling in. I couldn't shoot enough photos. It was soooo beautiful. I think I'm in the mood to do another one.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Counting to 100

"Morning Light Play II", 12 x 16, pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes paper

My latest painting is one in a series I have been adding to from time to time. It's about paintings with "light" in the title. It's the light that always grabs me. Soft, bright, morning, night ( I'm not fond of midday light). I love the light coming off the water, on trails, light showing tree shadows, light on grasses, on hair (animal or human), on flowers. You name it .... what's your favorite light. Here are some photos I have taken of light play at my beloved Heron Pond.

By the way, I would just love to see who the 100th follower will be on my blog. In appreciation and gratitude to all the people who have been so kind and supportive of my work and my blog I am going to send a little present to that person provided she or he is living within the continental United States. If the 100th follower is not within the continental U.S., then the first person after living in the continental U. S. will get it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pastels on Linen What's This?

"Spring Morning Walk"

"It Started With Green" (currently showing at Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst, CA)

"Sienna's Path"

"Pond Currents" (featured in The Past Journal)

"Winter Showoff" (available)

I thought I would feature some pastel paintings done on linen mat board. These are some of my past paintings all but two hanging happily on collector's walls. I looked up in  my current inventory for more but found none. Hmmmm. I think it's time to get more linen mat board.