Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Follow Up to Previous Post

Aspen Glow
18 x 24
Pastel on Rough side of Canson Mi-tientes paper

After the previous post, I was contacted by Canson and honored to be asked to share the post on their facebook site . I encourage you to check it out. Their site is very interesting  and informative. It is a very good venue for pastel artists or anyone interested in the medium.

Monday, July 19, 2010

First in a Series on a New Surface For Me

Mardi Gras
15 x 19
Pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes Board

This is the first of four in a new series being done on Canson Mi-Tientes Board. This is also my first experience with Canson Board.  I am thrilled with one of my favorite pastel papers now available on board. Maybe it's been available for a while but I wasn't aware of it. Anyway, hope you enjoy.  

Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't Flip Out - Flip It Upside Down

Topsy turvy Work in progress
Pastel on suede mat Board

Topsy turvy work in progress
Pastel on Canson Mi-tientes paper

Topsy Turvy work in progress
Pastel on Sabertooth pastel paper

Now Back to Right Side Up


Oh I can't tell you how freeing it is to paint with the canvas upside down. It's an anti anxiety pill for artists no matter what medium your into. It's a great way to start a painting and get it going on good footing. I started teaching a new class today. We all ended up turning our canvases upside down. I started this method with my last class. It  turned out to be very successful for all of us. I paint as long as I can without doing the flip. With the cow painting, I hope to do it all the way through (I will keep you posted). Anyway, it's great to be back in my studio painting again. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Back , Had a Great Vacation

Excuse me but I've been brain dead since getting back Sunday from my great vacation in in the great state of Washington  where we spent 11 days with number two great offspring son Wayne and great family who I think are all very great. Since the trip is fresh in my mind I must share it with you before it goes into that maize of my brain memory bank. . Photos and comments as I see it. Oh yes I did include an art journey on my itinerary.  So here goes. Hope you enjoy.

On our first day taking a walk in the neighborhood with homes getting all decked out  for the 4th of July, Lake Stevens, Washington style.

Went to Kayak Point for the opening of crab season


Granddaughter Rachel looking for shells and barnacled rocks to take home and paint on.

Back to the crabbers on the pier. Much excitement going on.

Rachel and grandson Jonathan displaying their creations.

Some of their creations and mine also. We had fun!!!

Rachel and Jonathan posing with one of our honored veterans while at the naval base in Everett on the one day that the public is allowed to tour the U.S.S Lincoln. What an honor and thrill it was for me to go there with my family. Had a great day as you can see in the following pics.

Daughter-in-law Michelle, Granddaughter Lauren and Jonathan (backs to camera) walking toward the U.S.S. Lincoln

Here we all are. Me and my wonderful family aboard ship. Again, what a great day.

One of the many beautiful forest scenes on our hike to the snow caves in Mt. Baker National Forest.

A smiley face in the forest.

Snow Caves with Grandpa in the foreground . Chilling, stunning, gorgeous.

Scene from the beautiful stillaguamish River recreation area. Anyone care for a floatee.  Another great day.

Son Wayne, Grand kids Rachel and Jonathan tossing rocks into the "Stilley"

Here I am on a visit to the Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes where the Northwest Pastel Society is having there signature member invitational show. It was inspiring getting to see the art of my fellow signature members.

All in all, a great vacation spending time with my wonderful family.

* note the author used the word "great" 11 times.  Author admits to not being a great writer. Now that's 12.

And now to get back to my studio. I am ready to paint.!