Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gecko in My Studio

work maybe in progress
what do you think?
8 x 11
Pastel on Art Spectrum Colour Fix Paper

For the past two years I have had a spring/summer visitor living in my studio. The first year I tried to shoo it out , catch it and take it outside somewhere, I scolded it...... ....nothing worked. After many countless vain attempts I gave up . He wasn't there all the time . He would come and go. Sometimes I found him sleeping behind a painting set on the floor or in a lounge chair I use to have in the studio and other  times in one of my two storage/inventory rooms. After a while. I became use to him. When winter came he disappeared . I missed the little guy. He came back last year and then again this spring. I found myself welcoming him back like an old friend. I remember during our Sierra Art Trails last October when he made one last appearance. I remember it well. I had just sold a painting to a visitor when I looked at the lounge chair with the stains so cleverly covered by a hand made afghan and found two beady eyes and a nose staring out at us. I pointed it out to the lady and we both had a good laugh. I introduced him as my friend, my studio buddy which is what he had become. I am please to tell you ...he is back again!. Now I have given him a name, I don't know why but when I first saw him about a month ago I thought to myself "Terrance that's it". He actually came back around the time when my muse returned ....hmmm.

I was finally able to get a photo of him in my studio....

Terrance The Gecko

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The High Desert

Indian Paints
14 x 28
Pastel on Canson  Mi-tientes Paper

Indian Paints ( detail )

I created this painting sometime ago when I lived in the Antelope Valley High Desert North of Los Angeles. And speaking about the Antelope Valley I found out that they had their first artist studio tour this past May. You can check out their blog at Personally, I was very impressed with the site  and the preponderance of so many fabulous artists. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sisters 7 Presents "Tropical Breeze" Show in Oakhurst

Today is Art Hop day in Oakhurst and I'm entitled to put in a plug for a special show put on by  Sisters 7 which is an eclectic group of fabulous artists ( me included). Hope you don't mind and if you do... too bad because I love this group and the art they create. So here are a few pics of our first group show called  Tropical Breeze. The show will run for a couple of months. It's at The Mind Shop Book Store located at 49269 Golden Oak Dr., Oakhurst, CA 93644 Phone 559-642- 4614. 
 Hours are Wed 10:00 AM - 2:00PM, Thurs 11:00AM -1:30PM, Fri 10:00 -2:00 PM and Sun 11:00AM - 1:00PM. Call Kim Haley at 559-760-6165 to verify hours or get additional hours. Here are some more pics of the show.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Completed Painting and The Return of My Muse

Morning Rays II
18 x 24
Pastel on Sabertooth Paper

Morning Rays II (detail)

As we approach summer I'm spending more time each day painting. Somehow I feel so much freer in body, mind and spirit. The days are easy flowing and my desire to create increases 10 fold. I'm taking time to relax and get caught up in my reading. Taking more time to go back through some wonderful art books and review some past and present Pastel Journal issues that I was "too busy at the time to absorb and enjoy . With all this freeing of the mind I have magically become more inspired and motivated to paint. It feels sooooo Gooood! Hope I can keep up this frame of mind. Summer Travel is coming soon which puts me in a whole different mind set. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing and being with my family more then words can say, I love going to places I'vee been to before that keep calling me back and I love going to new places that call to me, but I also love coming home to my studio. It's there that once refreshed from my journey that I'm back again with my muse sitting there on my easel posed like Aguste Rodan's Thinker only she's smiling and winking at me saying "Come here, come here, have I got something for you!". Aaaaah, at last I'm home.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

On The Rerun and Summer Classes

The Grand View
22 x 29
Pastel on Suede Mat Board

I had a wonderful time with class this past year and what a great group of artists. So I'm trying a new thing this summer. Starting now I will be offering individual or class sessions without any set schedule since people are traveling or don't go out too much in the heat my self included. This sounds alot like and advertisement doesn't it. Hmmm I guess it is. 
Here's some of my works taking an encore for your viewing pleasure or pain which ever. Enjoy.                 
Aspen Glow
17 x 24
Pastel on Canson Mi-tientes Paper

Winter at Fish Slough IV
23 x 27
Pastel on Linen Mat Board

Sunset Serenade
17 x 20
             Pastel on Suede Mat Board 
Blue Lagoon
17 x 23
Pastel on Canson Mi-tientes Paper
Spring Rythm
18 x 24
Pastel on Canson-Mientes Paper