Sunday, May 18, 2014

Great Pastel Tip - How To Transport Unframed Pastel Paintings Safely Around Town

"Garden Intrigue", 25 x 9, pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.
I stopped doing my own framing years ago when arthritis in my hands kicked in. So that meant taking them to the framers. This hint works for just one or many pastel paintings that need to be transported somewhere locally. I usually wait until I have anywheres from a few to up to 20 at a time. I don't like anything touching my pastels once they're done. I used to lay newspaper over them and it worked ok. But still, I don't really like anything on top of them since I rarely use fixiture these days. So here's a great way to transport one or many of your unframed pastel paintings around town.
Take your painting , gently attach it to a sheet of foam core backing that's larger than the painting.
Take four strips of masking tape.
Wad them into a loose ball with the adhesive side faceing out. I see one of my hairs is attached to one of them. Sigh...Oh well. Anyway take the masking tape wads and
Attach them to the foamcore board.
Cover with another sheet of foarcore board to make a pastel sandwich  but "don't eat it". Sidebar....
Don't you think that when you get a new set of pastels how beautiful they look in the box, like luscious candies waiting to be eaten but again I if you pastelists don't know already DON'T EAT THEM, LICK THEM, OR INHALE THEIR DUST!!!!
Back to the topic...
Continue the process to make your quadrouple decker sandwich or as many as you wish. Don't forget to cover with another foarcore sheet to protect the one on top.
Now your ready to take your pastels on the go. Also it's light as a feather.
Stay tuned for my next post. Coming soon.hahahaha......well maybe in a little while.
Bye for now.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shape Up Your Pastels

"Foothill Magic", 18 x 24, pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.
I have all kinds of tools in my pastel ensemble for blending, scraping, erasing etc,. Here is one I've been using for forever, one that many pastelists don't know about, one which I used at times in the  creation of  the painting Foothill Magic. I use this tool to create fresh, clean surfaces and shapes on my pastels sticks. It's a simple tool just a piece of lumber to which a piece of medium to heavy sandpaper has been attached.
I can't tell you how many times it has come in handy. 
That's it for today. Now back to the studio.

attach sandpaper
Piece of wood alongside one I've used and still use.