Friday, January 11, 2013

A Blue Bird Flew By

"Winter Solitude", 8 x 11, pastel on Canson paper.
It's been a while since my last blog. I've been easing back life, into a somewhat changed work ethic since my heart attack. I've been looking at what changes have been taking place and what my attitude is toward these changes. Now I weigh myself and take my blood pressure on a daily basis and pay attention to it and do what's necessary to keep it good and consistent. I enjoy each day like never before. I tell my husband what he means to  me everyday and at times during the day. I don't only think them, I verbalize. I verbalize my appreciation of things and the beautiful qualities of my surroundings. I know it sounds hokey but each day is precious to me. Life is good. Now, about how I look at my art. I'm not as hard on myself to produce a masterpiece with each painting, rather enjoying the experience of creating. I enjoy my class more than ever. I'm letting go of extraneous things I use to do that really didn't mean anything except that I might do some day. I'm living in today pretty much, not in the future. Oh is that a mountain blue bird that just flow by my window . Have to go and look. Bye for now.