Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beautiful Things Around Your House

"Orchid Mania", 6 x 14, pastel on Mi-Teintes Touch paper.
We all have it whether you know it or not. we all have beautiful things around our house, both inside and out. Even if you don't think so remember you are an artist and you can make things beautiful. You and only you are the master of your creations...So take a little journey around your house perhaps at first light of day. Look at the little things as well as the big. A beautiful vase , a fresh cut flower, a lampshade , a cluster of rocks, tree shadows on your lawn. Take your camera or paint from reality. Whatever you choose, the possibilities are endless. Over the summer I'm doing a series along with my class to see what we can come up with. My orchid plant in my living put out its bloom for the year and I took advantage creating several paintings from it. Here's some more

"Living Room Bloom, 6 x 6, pastel on Artagain Paper.

"Orchid Seduction", 8 x 8, pastel on Artagain paper.
Here's a close up photo taken in my living rooom of of some dried tulip leaves in a blue Mikasa Vase. 
From this photo I created
"Windswept Sunflower", 12 x 9, pastel on Artagain paper.
Another photo this one outside my house. Closeup of a tree and and my driveway. 
This one turned into
"The Island Calls", 9 x 12, pastel on Artagain paper.
Take a journey around your house. You just may be delighted with what you find.
By the way, if you are interested in purchasing any of these, I would be delighted. Contact me through facebook message or email me through my website