Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Freebies -Copyright Free Images from Me to You

Koi and Lilly Pond  available
18 x 24
Pastel on Canson Paper

Since we're on the subject of koi and lily ponds I thought I would share some more from my fabulous photo collection. Again all copyright free. One catch, I would love to hear from you now telling me what you plan to use them for and then send the completed work to me so I can post them on a future blog. Happy painting everyone. 

Refer #100_1529

Oops, how did this get in here?. Anyway this guy was hanging around the koi pond so I left him in  Refer #100_1520

Another view of this guy. Refer #100_1521

Refer #100_0943

Refer #100_88

refer #100_0753

Refer Shinzen Lake

Refer 100_0806

Refer #100_0800

Refer 100_0078

Refer #100_0065


  1. Greetings Anita,

    I like ponds with water lilies and Koi fish. The blue water lily is marvelous.

    The images allow me a brief escape from reality.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Warmest regards,

  2. WooooooWWWW!!!! preciosooo felicidades!!!!

  3. Great photos. The grass in your painting is so well handled.

  4. Edgemont, Isabel and Pam. Thank you all for your comments. I like going back into my photo collection and now I have more reason to do so as I will be posting photos in my stash from time to time.

  5. anita,
    the pond and the surrounding gave a nice experience...
    the painting is wonderful...