Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wild Lands Wild Painting

"Chamisa Essence", 18 x 24, Pastel on Pastelbord

Our wild lands are free, unabashed, driven by nature. I always feel it bit intrusive when I'm in them, feel like treading where I shouldn't be but feel blessed and touched by a spiritual wand while I'm there. Wild lands have always appealed to me. When I'm there it's like going to my spiritual home. I try to capture the beauty I see there and how I feel when I express myself through my art. This painting was inspired by a scene from the Lake Tahoe Conservancy Land.

 Sierra Art Trails ttp:// announced that they will have a national exhibition in November called "Our Wild Lands". I hope I get accepted. This is one of two paintings I'm entering for the show.  


  1. I hope your painting gets accepted for the show, it's beautiful! I've only recently started working with chalk pastels, and I am loving them. Thank you for sharing your work, although my work is abstract,and totally different from what you do, your work inspires me. :)

  2. Thanks Deb, I really appreciate your comments.