Friday, July 20, 2012

Artist's Moods

"Moody Day", 9 x 11, pastel on Colorfix suade paper.

There are times when I get into an artist's funk. Days when I'm super critical of my work and and myself. Do you ever have these days? I'll share a secret with you sometimes these "down days" go on for a while. I was having such a day when I assembled a group of new works with newly purchased frames. It was then when I saw some of  my accomplishments of the last nine months placed in a frame, many for  the first time that I began to feel uplifted, even hopefull, maybe they weren't so bad after all. I felt a bit of recognition of my creative abilities creeping into my heart and soul. It was the nourishment I needed to restore my sense of self worth. Have you ever stopped short on a frustrating work and held a frame or mat over it? Something wonderful can happen. When I do that, I can often get a different perspective on it. I can be validated or I can see where the problem lies.  A frame or mat helps to tell me if a wip is a dw. If it is a dw then yippee, if not, then it's back to the drawing board.


  1. What a great idea! When working by yourself for so long, it can be easy lose perspective on what's working and what's not. Love your work!

  2. love this piece...has a lot of moody energy to it!!

  3. Thank you Anonymous and Kathryn. Both great comments.