Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Years Resolutions and Catching Up

January Day Dream, 16 x 20, pastel on Pastelbord
This is my first completed painting of the new year. Lets see, if I recall I started it last summer for demonstrating on at my home studio during Sierra Art Trails open studio event here in the foothills of Yosemite. After Art Trails, I lost interest and put it aside. After my class started up again a couple weeks later in October I assigned my students to paint it and they did a great job. I didn't continue on with my painting because I was turned off by it and had no interest in continuing on with it at this time in fact I turned it over and leaned it against a wall in my studio. I got minor pangs of guilt whenever I noticed it. Something in me felt like it was an uncompleted goal. I felt disappointed in myself but I didn't feel guilty enough. OK now it's the new year what with setting goals, resolutions and all that. I didn't make any, never do anymore. But I did feel that this painting's time had come. With fresh resolve I turned the canvas over and ughhh didn't like my beginning, too dark a pallet, "I know" I said to myself, I'll start over or go over this dark and unappealing beginning with a light and bright version. Since it was Pastelbord I was working on, no problem, the new layer of pastels took over. I had completely covered over the first layer and feeling better about the painting it seemed to go non stop until I finished it a few days later.
Here are my new works done since my last blog completed mostly from their beginnings as demonstrations for my class.
"Stormy Sky Over Oakhurst, 11 x 14, pastel on Pastelbord.
"Scintillation at Hubba Creek, 9 x 11,
pastel on Pastelbord.
"Pastel Juices Flow, 9 x 12, pastel on Wallis Museum paper.

"Sidebar Dance, 8 x 10, pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes Art Board.


  1. HI Anita,
    I love your clouds in the Oakhurst painting. Did you start on gray pastelbord?
    Maggie Smith

  2. Thank you Maggie. I painted on the green Pastelbord for this one.

  3. Read an article about the WOW factor in art. And you have the WOW, those are amazing.. I would think everyone would want an Anita Stoll in their living room, bedroom, and any other room!!

    1. Thanks Vivian, that would be nice but I would be miserable filling and shipping all the orders. Maybe one out of every hundred people lol.

  4. Nice paintings Anita <3 you have some very good talent :) keep it up :)