Thursday, April 8, 2010


Koi Pond Shadows
                  7 x 51/2             $85
Coated Pastel on  pastel paper board

I have created a process whereby I can put apply a clear finish over the pastel painting thereby protection it from the elements and eliminating the need for glass thus avoiding that drattit glare and reflection. So far it's working but it does have its downside. It does darken the painting somewhat and it will take away some depth that an untreated pastel painting has. I have applied this method to smaller works only thus far. I am fairly pleased with the results and I have had success with this process. I used to spray varnish on it but that does tend to yellow the painting. Now I use an acrylic crystal clear coating that does not yellow.  In the case of Koi Pond Shadows , I like the way the finish darkend the work. I like what it did to the shadows.  Hope you enjoy.
Here are some recent photos of places around here with some lovely shadow patterns.

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