Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Morning Light Walk

Spring Morning Walk II
8 x 10
Pastel on Linen Mat Board

Several weeks ago my class met in the early morning at The Heron Lake Trail very near where I live. We met to walk aroung the lake and take photos to use for paintings we will be doing in class. It was a beautiful morning. The light couldn't have been better. We took a lot of photos from which to paint. Here is the third one in the series. You can see the first one under "I Won the Lottery" post. The second one is the last post just below. I hope you enjoy them. I'm loving painting them.


  1. Beautiful work Anita! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  2. So gorgeous!!
    What is this "linen mat board"?

  3. Thank you David and Jala for your compliments.
    In answer to your question Jala
    This painting is done on regular mat board the kind used for matting on pastels and watercolors and yes it is linen.

  4. Wow Anita, one is better and more beautiful than the next. SO glad to discover your blog, will be back again soon.