Sunday, January 23, 2011

Painting In My Studio

Marcia's Lillies
16 x 29
Pastel on Canson Paper     Sold
Prints availabe at fine art america

It's great to be able to take a few steps down from my kitchen and be in my studio. It's always there for me no matter what I'm wearing, no matter the weather , no matter what time it is. It's where I love to get in touch with me. Outside the studio, I am wife (of a wonderful and supportive husband), mother to my wonderful kids, grandmother to five fantastic grandchildren, friend to some people I hold dear in my hear, etc. etc.etc.etc. .... but in my studio I am not labeled. I am there with me and my muse and or my spiritual advisor who puts me in touch with me and says paint from your heart , your emotions and your intuition. Forget the rest of the world and the judgments of others. There are no rules in my studio for how I express myself. My muse/spiritual guider is all I need listen to. Any others comments that my head congers up are not allowed here. Here I am free to express myself on canvas any way I want. No judgements. Rules be damned. Here I need only listen to what's in my heart.


  1. you have a wonderful kind muse! Love your paintings. hugs,

  2. Thanks Vivian,
    Thanks again for hosting last meeting and Congratulations on being part of Timberline Gallery. I'm so pleased.