Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Mood

Moody Heron II
10 x 15
Pastel on Canson Paper

I took a painting I posted before as "Moody Heron" and gave it some more life and color today just because I felt like it. It used to look like this.

Moody Heron

Am I sorry? I don't think so. After living with Moody Heron for a while, it began to look unfinished to me. It's so nice to know that as an artist, I can and do give myself permission to alter a painting and to paint it anyway I want. This is called artistic license. Every artist has this license. Some use it more then others. Some not at all. Where do you fit in? 


  1. I love the way the light always plays in your paintings... The sun stopped at your home because we have been in fog all week.. Tomorrow I am out of the studio and I hope into the sunshine,,,40 was the highest it has been all week.. stay warm.. hugs,

  2. Thank you Vivian. Hopefully we will have some sun today. You stay warm too. Hugs

  3. Nice work!!!

    Happy New year

    Greetings from Greece
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