Friday, February 11, 2011

Mud Pie Becomes "Sweet Place"

Sweet Place
8 x 11
As some of you may remember, last year I undertook a project with my class to do 20 plus paintings variation on a same theme composition using the same size paper. I called it Mud Pies because it was to be a playful creative adventure in experiment. It was fun. I experimented with liquid media even used garlic flavored olive oil in the process. Looking back it was fun, therapeutic and revealing to me. I came out the better for it. It loosened me up. Here's a few of the mud pies.
Mud Pie #9
Mud Pie #7
Mud Pie #15
The reason I am telling you this is that I did a do-over on one of them. Sorry, I forgot which one. I took a kleenex tissue wiped off the pastel and scrubbed it a little with a toothbrush. It left a faded ghost image behind. So I started a whole new painting. With a vague idea of what I was doing I just started applying pastels picking colors that appealed to me and thinking of some sort of landscape scene in spring or summer. I started it some 2-3 months ago. I remember having three sessions on it spread over the 2-3 months. It sat around waiting for me to get my next inspiration which happened last week when I finished it. I felt at peace with it and called it done. I was in a sweet place at the time.


  1. Felicidades Anita , tus obras son bellisimas!!!! Un abrazo.