Saturday, July 23, 2011

Building and Tearing Down Three Times on The Same Canvas.

"Day Hike in Pneumonia Gulch"
19 x 28
Pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes Board

There is a story behind this painting. First off, I lied when I made the following statement near the end of my post on April 20, 2011 which was about a painting in progress. I said "I will continue on my next post". I didn't do that until now. Referring to that post, you will see quite a different painting going on. You will see where I left off. So, what happened between now and then... life... traveling, death of a close friend so when things settled down and I went back to the painting, I found that I lost interest, I wasn't happy with it anymore, I didn't like where it was going so I started the mutation process into quite another painting

This is where I left off.

This is my second vision inspired by an interesting place at the edge of Heron Pond. Working on and off for the next couple of weeks, I found myself wanting to change direction again but could I do this a third time on the support I was using. I challenged myself to do this but this time letting myself go into a black hole with only my intuition to guide me. It  was  a scary place to be but I pursued none the less. The support held up which pleased me as this was on a sanded paper. Being self guided had its frustrations and pit falls, but I liked where it was going and stuck to it. So, once again I show you the third and final painting.


  1. your art work is so amazing. beautiful lights and darks.. love the new pieces.