Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two Ads in One Month

Ad for website Artist's Rendezvous in the current issue of "American Artist".

"Eleanor Lake"

It just blows my mind that I never know who out there who sees my work.   Of course, I have to show it first. I remember I was working my shift at Timberline Gallery about a year ago and I was in an artistic funk or slump what ever you want to call it when a middle aged man came in carrying some of his paintings. He introduced himself , said he was newly retired and wanted to devote himself to art from now on. He said that he had been following me and my art on the web that he was inspired by my work and wanted to talk to me in person. As he was talking I could see in his eyes the glow of an aspiring artist so excited to start on this new venture. I saw myself in his eyes. I knew where he was at. We talked for about an hour and after he left , my thoughts went something like this.  I wished him much success and felt excited for him. I asked myself was it worth it for me. My answer came without hesitation.  I asked myself would I do it over again? Same answer. I try to remember when I get into an artist's funk about that day, and when I do I am charged up again. Now to go back to my easel.  

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