Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Hooked on Wet Pastels

Mud Pie # 12
9 x 12
Jack Richeson Premium Paper Sanded Paper

For this mud pie I started the painting not knowing where it was going to go. Early on, I applied turpenoid to the 1st under layer then sprayed some on here and there throughout the painting process ending with irridescent pastels on the final layer for the highlights. Time frame 40 minutes.

Mud Pie #9
9 x 12
Jack Richeson Sanded Pastel Paper

This may be the first one, if not one of the first of the mud pies where I applied liquid. It was alcohol, then turpenoid and then for the first time I believe I added the garlic roasted olive oil. The results were instant love for here I'm fingerpainting with pastels and what a pleasurable sensation that was. It really brought me back to my childhood. I loved the act of moving my fingers around in wet pastel. Joy, yes that was what I felt, I was a child again feeling pure joy and that my friends is a priceless experience.  I got carried away on this one; time frame 1 hour.

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