Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy, Happy Day

Long Lake Glow II
Pastel on suede mat board
                       15 x 16                      

We had the most beautiful sunshine filled day yesterday and I realized how much I missed the warmth and healing sensation. I reflected on the events of the past two weeks events concerning my husband who went in for cancer surgery ( it seemed that his cancer had returned). But please do not despair, I held faith that this would not be the case and it was not the case. When the surgeon came out into the waiting room to update me I looked to his eyes and that were joyfull eyes. I knew all would be good. He said he didn't believe it was cancer, "could be scar tissue or an old dead tumor from before" he said with a slight smile and those beautiful happy eyes. The final result is in and .... his eyes were right.
It's a happy day.

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