Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Ready for The Show

                             71/2 x 91/2                    $350

Ethereal Waters
                                 4 x 6 Image                    $98       

Pond Oasis
                                     5 x 7                          $75      

As an artist, I discovered early on that there is so much more to art then painting. Marketing, planning, public relations, framing, networking. What this all means is that I'm doing everthing but painting and oh how I miss my clean and semi organized studio.
Messy Studio
The good news is that I'm about done with  the framing phase. Now to title the first painting which will be exhibited in the main gallery at Timberline. Here's where I need your help. By the way, the bottom two works alone with about 13 others  will be going into Timberline's upcoming exhibition " 100 Small Works Under $100. The rule is that it must be under 10" including the frame.  The top painting will go to Timberline but not be included in the exhibition. Untitled needs a title so once again I'm asking for you to come up one or two. Would love to hear from you. The winner will be announced on Feb 19th. 


  1. Beautiful Anita...I think it should be titled, "A Moment in Time".
    And my dear Sister, if you call your studio messy you would think mine was beyond saving!! lol
    hug, hug

  2. But you didn't see the rest of my studio. I love the title and I'm very excited about the show. Thank you dear Sista.

  3. LOL But you didn't SHOW us the rest of your studio! I'm with Julie--you wouldn't want to see mine about now. I finally got the car unloaded today (Wednesday) after the Wine Trails event last weekend. Now, it's just waiting to be put away and reorganized. (Sigh. . . . ) I saw quite a few "Small Wonders" of yours at the gallery yesterday. You go, girl! :)

  4. The rest of my studio, I assure you, was just as bad or worse. Hope you had a great weekend at Wine Trails. I know it's a fun event to participate in. Still working on more small wonders for the show.

  5. Thanks for your visit to my blog, Anita! I admire how varied your work is. Mine is as well, and I think it takes guts to put so many different types of works up for people to see.
    This Pond Oasis is sublime. Yum.

  6. AhhhAhhh - another artist with a carpeted studio. And I was beginning to think I was all alone. Of Course, I was forced to have carpet installed in my studio room before the bank would consider giving my wife and me a home loan. Kinda silly, especially when I plane to be pretty "expressive" with my mediums :) Thanks for visiting my blog and for loving Chihuahuas. - Jared