Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Completed Painting and The Return of My Muse

Morning Rays II
18 x 24
Pastel on Sabertooth Paper

Morning Rays II (detail)

As we approach summer I'm spending more time each day painting. Somehow I feel so much freer in body, mind and spirit. The days are easy flowing and my desire to create increases 10 fold. I'm taking time to relax and get caught up in my reading. Taking more time to go back through some wonderful art books and review some past and present Pastel Journal issues that I was "too busy at the time to absorb and enjoy . With all this freeing of the mind I have magically become more inspired and motivated to paint. It feels sooooo Gooood! Hope I can keep up this frame of mind. Summer Travel is coming soon which puts me in a whole different mind set. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing and being with my family more then words can say, I love going to places I'vee been to before that keep calling me back and I love going to new places that call to me, but I also love coming home to my studio. It's there that once refreshed from my journey that I'm back again with my muse sitting there on my easel posed like Aguste Rodan's Thinker only she's smiling and winking at me saying "Come here, come here, have I got something for you!". Aaaaah, at last I'm home.


  1. beatiful works! first time visito and can't wait to see more

  2. Beautiful Anita! Love the feeling of light and your use of color!