Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gecko in My Studio

work maybe in progress
what do you think?
8 x 11
Pastel on Art Spectrum Colour Fix Paper

For the past two years I have had a spring/summer visitor living in my studio. The first year I tried to shoo it out , catch it and take it outside somewhere, I scolded it...... ....nothing worked. After many countless vain attempts I gave up . He wasn't there all the time . He would come and go. Sometimes I found him sleeping behind a painting set on the floor or in a lounge chair I use to have in the studio and other  times in one of my two storage/inventory rooms. After a while. I became use to him. When winter came he disappeared . I missed the little guy. He came back last year and then again this spring. I found myself welcoming him back like an old friend. I remember during our Sierra Art Trails last October when he made one last appearance. I remember it well. I had just sold a painting to a visitor when I looked at the lounge chair with the stains so cleverly covered by a hand made afghan and found two beady eyes and a nose staring out at us. I pointed it out to the lady and we both had a good laugh. I introduced him as my friend, my studio buddy which is what he had become. I am please to tell you ...he is back again!. Now I have given him a name, I don't know why but when I first saw him about a month ago I thought to myself "Terrance that's it". He actually came back around the time when my muse returned ....hmmm.

I was finally able to get a photo of him in my studio....

Terrance The Gecko


  1. Greetings Anita,

    I loved reading about your Gecko Terrance. It brought about a big smile and I am glad the two of you are now friends.

    As for the art work I feel it needs a focal point as currently everything is divided up in section of horizontal lines. I think a small dash of colour should do the trick.

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,

  2. Thank you for your comments Edgmont. My purpose was to create this painting from an abstract/non objective viewpoint. I will reflect on your comments then perhaps experiment and see what happens. So good to hear from you.