Thursday, June 17, 2010

The High Desert

Indian Paints
14 x 28
Pastel on Canson  Mi-tientes Paper

Indian Paints ( detail )

I created this painting sometime ago when I lived in the Antelope Valley High Desert North of Los Angeles. And speaking about the Antelope Valley I found out that they had their first artist studio tour this past May. You can check out their blog at Personally, I was very impressed with the site  and the preponderance of so many fabulous artists. 


  1. Beautiful! This one has such an enchanting quality - the airiness and the color.

  2. Thank you. The place of my inspiration is indeed and enchanting one.

  3. Beautiful painting.
    And I like your studio buddy the gecko too.

  4. Thank you. Haven't seen Terrance lately, have also been away from my studio. My other life took over. Hope to get back to studio tomorrow.