Sunday, October 10, 2010

What I Like About Car Shows

Cool Color

They all look so inviting

Nice Rear

 Saturday my husband and I did our usual walk aroung the Lake. When we came to where we could see the clubhouse and parking lot we were met with a a delightful scene along with do wop  music playing over the loud speaker.  I felt happy all over humming along and quickening my pace. What is it about car shows that I love? Is it the great colors of the cars. Is it the shinyness, is it the music. Is it that it takes me back to my teens and fun times like going to the local drive in for burgers and flirting with the guys ( our local one was called Bob's Big Boy) . Could it be that it reminds me of my husband's first car a 38' Chevy held together by godknows what? Could it be all of the above. In anycase, it's something I enjoy. I was thinking about this when I realize that art has a lot in common with car shows. I noticed that often times someone will pause at a painting of mine for quite a while and when I approach the person they will say something about the painting that reminds them of a place they have been to at sometime in their past and how it brings fond memories to the forefront of their mind. 
When I hear such comments, I feel a deep satisfaction , a profound pleasure that makes my endeavors worth every minute of the times of struggles and frustrations I go through as an artist.

Tamed Joaquin
18 x 24
Pastel on Canson Mi Tientes Paper

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