Saturday, December 4, 2010

So What Is It ?

Mystery Insect about 1-1/2" long (missing a wing)

I was painting in the studio last night when it began to rain. Something was hitting the french door windows. Sounded like hail so I put on the outdoor light. I couldn't believe what I saw. Hugh fly like insects that had a reddish underbelly or wing. They seemed to glow when they flew. They had a loud buzzing sound. I've not seen these before. I woke up this morning with it on my mind. Have to know what they are. Can anyone out there tell me? Please.
Anyway back back to my studio I went and finished this painting. What do you think?

After The Rain
11 x 15
Pastel on Sanded Paper


  1. have not idea what the bug is, but don't have them at my house.. thankfully.
    Love your new pieces on sanded paper..
    see you soon,, hugs,

  2. Thank you. I know, I'm just gonna call it "Superfly". Hugs

  3. I have those 'beetles' also, they throw themselves against the window and I find them on the porch in the morning. Looked them up in my natural history book book but didn't find it. The paintings are great...I don't know how you can depict a scene with loose strokes but it works for you every time! I'm still trying to get it. Am trying to give myself permission to be free with it. I have to let go of my personal investment in it, I think. If I don't care, I don't fuss so much. But how can I not care?

  4. Judy, I guess that insect will remain a mystery for now.
    Every artist I know wants to get freer myself included. The freedom comes with experimentation and listening to what comes from within you not from some photo but rather from the emotions the photo and or your recollections of the scene elicit within you. Hope this helps. This is a good question. We'll talk about it tomorrw.