Thursday, December 9, 2010

Third Do Over

In Tu It
9 x 12
Pastel on Canson Paper

Those of you who follow my blog may remember last year I did an experimental series of works I called Mud Pies (use search bar to look up). Well I pulled what I had left out of inventory to do further experiments on. I got the idea from pastel artist Barbara Benedetti Newton ( ) and after reading the wonderful article in The October issue of The Pastel Journal called " Infinite Possibilities". I pulled a mud pie at random and wiped it clean as best I could with a blackboard eraser. From the ghost image of the first painting I created a second painting. Not pleased with it, I erased that one and started another. This time I applied an acrylic wash of white on the lower right of the painting. Then I applied pastels. My goal was to paint an abstract painting of balarina tu tus interacting with each other ala Degas minus the figures. It wasn't working because I was thinking subjectively rather than non objectively so I changed my attitude about it and let it be what it wanted to be not knowing where it would end up. I fixed the painting at many intervals with Aqua Net clear hair spray and used an exacto knife to scraped iridescent pastels on it throughout the painting. This is the second one I have used this method on and so far I am pleased. I am enjoying the excitement of experimenting. The journey rules.


  1. Thank you Anita for the mention here of my blog and my article in The Pastel Journal. Isn't abstracting a fascinating journey? When I get stuck, I turn the painting upside down for further clues and paint that way for awhile. I love these new paintings of yours - the textures, rhythm and passages of color are beautiful!

  2. Your welcom and that you for the comment. I know, I turn my paintings upside down also, sideways too.