Sunday, December 18, 2011

In The Mood

"Moody Afternoon At Heron Lake", 10  x 14 on Mi-Tientes Touch paper.

My Mom used to keep a couple of Hershey bars in the refrigerator for when she or anyone got in the mood for chocolate. I was a thick giant bar that you could break off sections of and much away ...hmmmm yummmm. It hit the spot. Other things that I do like wake up with a mind for letting it all hang out so to speak. In other words a no make up and sweats day just because I'm in the mood. Not a bad thing just an in the mood thing free and easy as it comes. Or how about being in the mood for watching a scary flick. One comes to mind that I recently saw with the word phenomenon or something like that in the title that is really a tense film to watch. Now I have an itch I can't satisfy because I can't remember the title. Can anyone name the title? It's about a family that has a scary event happen at their house and installs cameras that the viewer sees throughout the picture. What happens is really gripping. Anyway, why am I writing about being in the mood. I guess its because there are things that we all need to do from time to time to satisfy us. This painting was very satisfying to create having just taken a walk around Heron Lake in the late afternoon as the fog was rolling in. I couldn't shoot enough photos. It was soooo beautiful. I think I'm in the mood to do another one.

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