Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bare Walls Means Unfulfilled Dreams

Take a painting
"Into The Light", 19 x 25
Take another painting
"Moody Day", 9 x 11
and another
"Jerusalem Gardens", 21 x 25
Show them off
Empty walls makes for an empty room. Uninviting, unappealing. Art puts life into a room. Have you ever been in a home where the walls are bare because the owner explains "I just haven't found the right painting" or,  "the ones I have found are too expensive"  or "the colors don't match my furniture or walls "  so the walls continue to remain bare or they have an uninviting painting or two that was handed down from Grandma and it's there just to fill up some wall space. Well, my friends that is all bs. If a painting or other work of art speaks to you and you fall in love but pass it up  because of one or more of the above reasons, then I have some suggestions. If you're really passionate about a piece of art you come across, you've made a connection with it and you would love to own it, then think about the joy it would bring hanging in your home and that you will re experience that joy on a daily basis and that you will be able to discover more hidden beauty and see new things in it as time goes by ...... this, my friends, is priceless. What about it not going well with your furniture or carpet or wall color. Once it is hanging in your home, I promise you that will find a way to integrate it with the room. Sometimes all it takes is adding a throw pillow or another accessory to make it feel at home. I've often done this in my own home. You might say, "well, I already have so many paintings now that I have no room for more". To this I say take some down for a while, or change your arrangements or even put some in a closet for a time. Your room will get a face lift and you will get an up lift  and when you to back to the closet to rehang those paintings, well, then, it will have renewed beauty and meaning to you. So I hope you get the picture (no pun intended).
I would love to hear about your own thoughts and experiences on this subject.
Please come and see my home and studio filled with art during Sierra Art Trails weekend October 5th - 7th. No empty walls here.
Sierra Art Trials website; http://www.sierraarttrails.org/


  1. First of all, I love your light, neutral walls. It showcases your work so well. I am not a fan of the recent trend of painting a wall or two in a room a bright, saturated color. It definitely detracts from the art work.

  2. I agree with you. Thanks for your comment. I always like hearing from you.

  3. Sabes capturar el alma de de las cosas