Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lily Pond Delight
Pastel on Canson Paper
                            18 x 24                      $750

Have you ever found a gem, a forgotton something that makes you ask yourself. I wonder why I put this away? Be it in your clothes closet or junk drawer or attic. Well I found such a gem in my art supply and storeroom some months ago. I painted it maybe 10 years ago. I rediscovered it about three years ago but then it got put away again. Now I'm standing here scratching my head ...Why did I hide it again. Was it that I didn't think it was good enough to show or perhaps my tastes have changed or was it because it wasn't time to expose it. Of late I have gone back to a more traditional style of painting, a style I painted in some years ago. One of a slower more deliberate pace starting with more of a detailed sketch, one on which I paint more gingerly working every day in a steady slower pace and guess, what I'm loving it. It's as if I want to enjoy and linger a bit with almost every stoke. Could it be with the aging process as I get older I want time to slow up? Maybe you can tell what you think this means. Have you done this and what were your reasons for doing it.
Please let me hear from you.

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