Sunday, December 13, 2009

Painting To a 100 ? How About 40

Mud Pie #7
Todays 40 Mud Pie Challange

If you haven't seen Marla Bagetta's blogsite, I suggest that you do because not only is she a wonderfully expressive pastel artist but her art is inspiring. Recently her work was on the cover of The Pastel Journal along with a feature article about her doing the same theme painting 100 times. It was so inspiring that I convinced by classes to do the same project. We modified it to 40 paintings doing two a week . We decided to do a rectangular format with each person picking their own compositional theme. Mine is slightly varied which we are allowing.  We set a time limit of 45minutes to an hour or less. I'm doing it along with the classes. To date I have done 7. We call it Project Mud Pies. So far I can tell you the I am having fun  which is what this is all about. It's also freeing me up. I feel the difference already when I'm working on signature paintings. Thank you Marla. Her blogsite is also check out the blogsite of Karen Elizabeth Margulis at . Also a wonderful site.


  1. I think you make really great pastels. Seeing your work is very inspiring. I'm curious about the rest of your project.

  2. Glad you asked that question. Look for the rest of them to date coming soon.
    and thank you for your comment.