Friday, September 21, 2012

More Paintings for Sierra Art Trails

"Moody Heron Pond II, 10 x 14
This painting is about how color can change the mood of a painting. In this case, the original scene was a damp, cold and grey winter morning. Somewhere near the completion of the work I felt the need to add some warmth to it. I thought what do I have to lose. I could always wipe it away if it wasn't working. I started gingerly with a light layer of a rich warm color. I paused and stepped back from the painting as I frequently do, took another pause with my back to the painting, then turned around and took a second look. It didn't turn me off. In fact, I sort of liked it so I kept going. I continued to add color throughout and took more pauses and step backs. Each time I was more convined that I was on a good path. For this artist, it often pays to take chances.
Morning Light Play, 12 x 16
This painting is about spring light very early in the morning along a trail. I fell in love with the interplay of light, shadow and shapes. The scene set me on fire with an immediate and very strong instinct to paint it.
"Autumn Chic" 8 x 10
This painting is about an autumn scene along the shoreline of a local lake where I walk every day that I can. I  saw a beautiful pallet of unexpected colors that caught my undivided attention. When I painted it, I found myself painting by pure instinct way more abstractly then I expected to. I listened to that something within and ignored everything else that my brain and the photo was trying to tell me to do.

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