Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Selected Paintings Showing at Sierra Art Trails

"Confetti", 8 x 10
Today I thought I would show some of my floral paintings on display at my open house for The Sierra Art Trails event Oct 5th - 7th at my home in Coarsegold, California. 
This painting "Confetti" is about light, shadows and colors in an intuitively created floral arrangement. When I started out all I knew was that it would be a floral and I wanted to use reds and other warm colors and create a sun flower.  For such a small painting, it took about 3 months sitting on the easel until I felt is was done. I would add a stroke here and a stroke there from time to time while working on other paintings. It was only when I was stumped on another wip and needed a break that this one caught my eye and if I felt the urge, I would divert my attention to this work. It's often good to have more then one painting in wip status.
"Mardi Gras", 15 x 19
This was my first of the three floral creations and it started shortly after Canson Mi-Tientes hired me to create a rendering that would be on the cover of two new pastel art pads they were coming out with. I decided that one of the renderings would be floral. I enjoyed doing it and this started a train of thought to create floral paintings by starting them out with the approach of  a rendering.
"Morning Celebration', 12 x 16
This is my latest version of an intuitive free flow floral. I liked the drama and dynamics that unfolded before me.

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