Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sierra Art Trails,This Artist's Open Studio Continues

"Autumn Dazzle", 9 x 12
For Today's selection I am featuring 3 more paintings I am showing at my open studio. Autumn Dazzle is about my reaction to the exceptional fall colors that I saw last year on the shoreline of Heron Lake. Autumn unabashedly burst forth with incredible brilliance. I hope the same thing occurs this year.
"Moody Afternoon at Heron Pond", 11 x 14
This painting is about my seeing the fog rolling in and invading what was a sunny afternoon at the lake. The ambiance changed from clear, crisp and sunny to moody and ethereal right before my eyes. I was mesmerized.
"Wild Preserve Tahoe Basin", 11 x 15
I love the area where the area where the grasses and shrubbery grow at the edge of a pond. In this case, it was a natural lilly pond on preserve land around Lake Tahoe. The Chamisa were in gorgeous bloom adding to the excitement of the scene.
Stay tuned for the next installment.


  1. Thank you Hilda. I'll be posting more paintings every day or so up until Oct 5th when I open my studio to the public during Sierra Art Trails weekend.

  2. these are really beautiful paintings, thank you for showing them. I love the freshness softness and freeness of them. I am doing an Ope Studio in the UK right now, which has gone quite well. I wish you much success with yours, you deserve it.

  3. Thank you jackie for your wonderful comments. Now I'm going to check out your blog.