Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sierra Art Trails 2012, More Paintings

"Random Frieze with Dahlias", 10 x 26
Today's paintings are three high energetically charged  works that I will be showing at my home studio during Sierra Art Trails.
About this first one "Random Frieze with Dahlias", creative juices flowed on this purely intuitive free flowing work. It was a joy to enjoy the journey of this painting I think because my pallet was very stimulating to me. Here's another stimulating one.
"Elation", 8 x 10
I had a lot of exciting gutsy energy flowing when I painted this, maybe it was a full moon.
"Chamisa Essence", 18 x 24
This painting was a free flow with absolute direction to bring out the essence of a highly evocative area on a crisp summer morning in the Tahoe Basin land preserve.


  1. Love these, Anita. Especially all of the orange. Of course, you can tell from my website that I am fond of that color.

    I hope your show goes very well.


    1. Thank you Kay. This was a fun and exciting work to create.

  2. I can't help but to keep looking at the middle painting. Despite there being so much red, it's not over powering and has a lovely energy! Beautifully done!

    1. I really like your comment Vanessa. Thank you.