Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sierra Art Trails 5 Days to Go - More Paintings

"Lauren's Lillie's", 15 x 16
The inspiration for this painting came from one of the many lilly pond scenes that I photographed on my journeys through the years. I had fun painting the lilly clusters, changing shapes and trying different colors. I also added little whimsical things at will. I painted until I came to a point where the painting told me it was done.
"Meadow Dance", 11 x 14
I looked inward to draw out scenes from my memory of my backpacking days in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I played around on my canvas until something took hold and things began to present themselves to me. The more I painted the more it resembled a high country meadow with mountains in the distance. I gave myself permission to play around with the pastels and let each stroke tell me where the next one would go. It was like watching a story unfold on the canvas.
"The Pond #5", 8 x 10
This is the 5th in a series of small pond paintings inspired by Heron Lake very close to where I live. I liked the way the morning light hit this little inlet part of the lake.

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