Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Latest Lily Pond Painting Is Hungry For A Title.....Please Help

18 x 24
Pastel on Canson Paper


I discovered knew soon after I started this work that what I thought was Canson paper was in fact Strathmore paper, but I liked what was happening so I stuck with it. I find that Strathmore paper does not accept the pastels as well as Canson, especially after a build up of layers. But labor on I did. Sometime after working on the piece I hit a wall so I put it in my closet for finishing at a later date. That date was one year later when the solution popped into my head (where it came from I don't know) but there it was so out of the closet it came.the painting. That was some weeks ago. Since then I've brought it almost up to completion playing with it here and there trying to get the paper to accept the last layer of  nuisances and highlights using the softest pastels,,these being Schmeinke and some Terry Lugwig. I love Schmeinke, it's like painting with butter and I love the subtle colors of Terry Ludwig. So here it is finally done.
 Now I'm have a problem coming up with the title, it's just not happeningI've come up with an idea but I need your help by suggesting a title. In return, I would love to bestow upon the winner the title of ......

The Anita Stoll Perfect Title Suggester Award

Please let me hear from you.  I will announce my selection on January 26th.


  1. You may be the only one to name your work,
    as it feels appropriate to you...
    but to me it says-
    "Depth Perception"
    it is a very nice work
    with great composition!
    Though what is showing is a wonderful
    "Surface Quality",
    it represents your
    it has a "Subtle Intrigue'.

  2. Enjoy the subtle reflections and also thought about the spiritual symbolism associated with water lilies. Hence "Reflective Aspirations" comes to mind while viewing the floating pads and trees reflected on the still water.

  3. Like Ruth I like the reflective qualities of this image so I would got with the title "Elegant Reflection(s)" or "Reflective Elegance".