Monday, January 4, 2010

The Pond Series continues

The Pond #4
Pastel on Canson Paper
                                  8 x 10                   available

I'm taking a break from the mud pies today even though I painted another one because I want to. So, I've chosen to show another of my pond series paintings. I love painting our pond. It's an ongoing series with me. The pond, Heron Pond to be exact is about half a mile from out house. It has a delightful one mile loop trail around it. It's inhabited by a variety of birds, some permant, some migratory. We have egrets, swallows, herons of course, and a variety of ducks. I never tire of painting it.  I will post one every now and then so stay tuned.

The Pond #5
Pastel on Canson Paper
                                  8 x 10                 available

Question: Do you have a place you paint that you frequent often  that you are doing a series on?.If so, why do you keep painting it. Please let me know also any thoughts and descriptions about your special place.  Why is that you keep returning there?



  1. I think I said it before, but I think your pond paintings are brilliant.

  2. Thank you again for your wonderful compliments.
    I thoroughly enjoy painting the pond series.