Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Photo Realism

Painting in Progress
18 x 24
Pastel on Canson Paper

Of late I received one of those fw: emails entitled "These are NOT Photos. They're Paintings." which depicts scenes that look like photos. O.K. so I was once told or read that the camera sees 200 colors ( this was when digital cameras were just becoming popular quite some years ago) anyway I was also told or read that the eye sees 2000 colors. Ok, ok I may be off somewhat on the numbers, but my point being who would spend their time copying something so limiting when the mind's eye sees so much more. Why copy a leaf to perfection, a path with each tiny rock painstakingly executed when one could be expressing strokes of emotion amd reactive feelings. Why when one could be painting from the heart. So where does that put the camera in our lives. Why can't a camera be the tool to evoke and stimulate those feelings we had when we were there and saw and felt with our own minds and hearts? What do you think?

Photo Tel Aviv Coastline


  1. Your painting in progress is gorgeous..can't wait to see it finished...
    Come over to my blog and sign up for my give away...if you win I can deliver.
    hug, hug

  2. i agree!...and you captured the light so well.. i love this painting...such a wonderful warm feeling about it.... thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog

  3. Thank you Julie and Dana for your comments, your positive reactions. I look forward to showing the completed painting soon.