Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Trip

Burst of Autumn   available
8 x 10
Pastel on Suede Mat Board

It really feels like fall now with our first big rainstorm yesterday. Fall colors are starting to pop up all around here which reminded me of this painting from my inventory - enjoy.

Well, I have some really great news. My husband and I will be traveling to a very far away place tomorrow. We will be gone for 2 to 3 weeks and  because neither of us have a laptop and we will be on the go so much, sad to say I won't be able able to blog until we get back.  I'll tell you about it when I return.  I just put in a slide show on my side bar so please check it out and enjoy it while we're gone.
Also if your new to my blog or not, here is a review of some of my paintings from previous posts . Again enjoy.

Bon Voyage for now.

  Dancing Lights     SOLD
This was my very first post in August.

Hillslope in Spring      available
Originally called Blooms on Hillside.

Sunset Serenade       available

Blue  lagoon      available

Heron Lake Enchantment II     available

Marcia's Lillies       SOLD

Winter at Fish Slough IV       available

Gossamer Pond II       available

Simon's Monet II      available

Solitude       available

Winter's Glow      SOLD


  1. You paint light magnificiantly. You lily pad paintings are outstanding. Have fun on your trip!!!

  2. Thank you Richard for your wonderful comment. I'm still under jet lag. But we're here and enjoying the family and the country.

  3. Sunset Serenade is a wonderful work.
    Great flowing bands of color!

  4. Thank you Jill, This painting took on a life of its own. It flowed from the first stoke. I love it when this happens.

  5. Congratulations for your pastel work. I like the atmosfere, light and ambience.
    best regards from Portugal

  6. I appreciate your compliments. Thank you. Now to go to your blog site.