Sunday, October 11, 2009

House Addition Warming Party and Art

Foothill Spring Rhythm
17 x 24
Pastel on Canson-Mi Tientes Paper

This painting was in the preview show  for Sierra Art Trails artists open studio event held last weekend
at Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst, California ( see post of Sept   ). It's back at my home studio/gallery now.

 It's amazing how a painting can bring so much joy to the viewer and to a home. I just came back from an open house gathering at the home of a dear friend who is an artist who loves and collects art. The open house was for a new addition add on of a bedroom ,studio and bathroom all very lovely and built with fine craftsmanship. My friend has a lovely home. One cannot help but notice her beautiful art. It lights up every room, catches my eye instantly. Her home is warm amd welcoming. The atmosphere is inviting. The art engages my interest instantly. It's a happy home.

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