Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mopping The Floors and Art

High Sierra Meadow
19 x 26
                Pastel on Sanded Mat Borard       $700

I didn't realize how appropriate this work is being that this is the week of Ken Burns' Special "The National Parks" showing on PBS. This painting is my take on a gorgeous meadow my husband and I backpacked through on our way from Twolumne Meadowns to Yosemite Valley a few years ago. I hope your enjoy it.

So I'm cleaning my house and studio along with my husband to get ready for Sierra Art Trails this weekend. Starting in the morning going through until 4-5 o'clock when complete and utter exhaustion sets in. The old aching bones are really acting up. It gets physically a little harder each year but you know how that goes if you're in that group we know as seniors. Anyway, why do I do this, why not hire someone or not participate. I guess the reason is I want the control to do myself, my way, to participate in my own life in ways I choose. Maybe that's why I love to create because I have control over my art, over the way I see things and  want others to see things that same way. We artists are masters of deception, we are slight of hand magicians. We direct our audience through the painting the way we want them to see it. We map out the journey for the eyes  of the beholder to follow. How do we do that......ahhhh!!! and that is the question I pose to you today. Would love to hear from you out there. Please someone post you thoughts, I need your input.


  1. Some of us do it with either a very light or a very dark, magical pathway leading the eyes from top to bottom, side to side through the painting. If I use a cruciform, light pathway to move the eye through the painting, one of the last things I do to finish the painting is to add a dark "in-and-out, over/under" (not continuous, but broken) pathway also.

  2. Very interesting Kathleen. I want to talk more about this next time we get together.