Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Decision for Now Has Been Made

Winter's Cool
7 x 6
 Pastel onLa Carte Pastel Board  $70

I was gone most of the day taking care of business (went to my framers) and personal things ( Dr. appointment, flue shot, marketing and several other stops in Fresno). Just finished dinner while watching the playoffs. Yeah GO DODGERS now COME ON ANGELS. Anyway while all this was going on I sold some more paintings and got a nice commission to do. It's been a crazy day for this artist who is used to most days of mostly solitude. Don't get me wrong, I love to sell my work almost as much as I love to paint. But given a choice I'de rather we walking around the lake, chatting with people we know while walking, walking our dog in the neighborhood, doing a few chores around the house and painting, listening to music, painting some more and blogging. I really like blogging but people this women rathered frazzled at the moment has realizied that for the time being I am going to suspend blogging daily and doing a painting a day. I have some major works that need to  be executed and my classes will be starting up soon. It is a sad but necessay decision that had to be made for now. I will continue to blog and to post but not on a regular basis for now anyway. Please you out there keep checking in with me don't give up on me. I will keep checking in with you when I can. Love to all for now, I may be back tomorrow. I may not. I'm taking each day as it comes.

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