Sunday, October 4, 2009

It was a Good Art Trails

Heron Pond Study
6 x 6
                Pastel on Suede Mat Board         SOLD

It was a good day yesterday with the sale of four paintings and my classes which begin in November are filled up as well. I enjoyed some wonderful stimulating conversations. Met new people as well as returnees. What does this day have to hold. Your answer is as good as mine. Ill be back tonight to finish my post. See ya Later.
Well it's near closing time now. I am as tired as I can be, no sales for today, but happy to say my classes are overflowing and Oh, I forgot Timberline Gallery in Oahurst sold a plainting yesterday. Soooo all in all, this year was a good year for me at Art Trails. and I met some wonderful people. But you know something folks. I'm glad it's over. Now to have dinner and probably go to bed early.

Friday Night Kick off for Sierra Art Trails at
Artist Ginny Burdick's lovely studio.

Here I am with Ginny.

Art Trails has begun at my home and studio.

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