Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Photos Are Not for Copying

Storm Clearing
11 x 14
                         Pastel on Pastelboard              $300

Yosemite had its first road closure due to snow yesterday and Yosemite valley had a low of 9 degrees .
It was chilly here in Coarsegold. It felt wonderful. I'm sleeping peacefully with two blankets, yummy.
The beginning of fall colors, the brisk chilled air and a new season is budding and I'm thinking time for an artist's photo excursion day here in the foothills and maybe Yosemite.  While I paint from my memories and feelings, I use my photos as a reference. They are an important part of my painting process but they are not for copying. Photos jar my memory but memories,feelings and emotions are what drives me in my painting process. For example, this painting started with a photo of Oakhurst on a cold blustery day with on and off rain, sleet, hail and snow. There was no lake around and there was no clearing of the storm in sight. Once into the painting process I was reminded of a place I had been to with a lake and a glimpse of the storm clearing coming in the far distance. Hence you have "Storm Clearing".

Question: How do you regard your photos if you use them in your painting?     

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