Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When Do You Call a Painting Done?

The Completed Painting (see September 10th post)
Winter's Glow     SOLD      
I called it done two nights ago.  When do you know when a painting is done? I would love your feed-back on this subject. Since this is not exactly a new painting for you the viewer but rather a follow up on a previous blog, I have added a second painting to show you . I did not paint this today, but it is a recent painting completed a short while ago..........and the painting is......Drum Roll da da da dum da da!!!!

11 x 14
       Painting on Pastelboard        $275

The inspiration for this painting is the glow of the sunrise I was fortunate enough to observe on my way hiking out of the Grand Canyon after staying several days at Phantom Ranch. Not a sight one would expect at the bottom of the Grand Canon. But there it was and it was awsome.


  1. Stunning, and sure to be a wonderful memory for you each time you view it. As far as when is a painting done?? I think it is subjective. When I can look at it, and don't see something that needs to be fixed, I call it done and sign it.

  2. your paintings are beautiful! sort of elusive!....... as far as the subject of how do you know if you are finished.....most of the time it is just a gut feeling for me....but then somtimes it is like a saying i have heard "it takes two to do a painting; one to paint and one to shoot the painter".....also i have been very pleased with paintings and not look at them for several months and somthing will just jump out at me; how did i not see how much better this would look, if i just do this or that

  3. These evoke emotion. Makes me want to get out my pastels. Nice.

  4. gossimer, etheral,sensitive - what lovely words for the work you do. You seem to snatch that moment right of the air!
    When is it finished? you know, and some never are!

  5. Anita, So glad to come over to your blog...these are magnificent! Soft and impressionistic and yet a beautiful sense of representation. Your lilies are very inspiring too, as I definitely go through my flower phases! I look forward to seeing more.

  6. Carol and Dana. I agree with both of you. Very well put. On some paintings I know that it's definitely done while others may take months. Thank you Carol,Dana,Julie,Robin and Karen for your compliments. I feed on them when I'm struggling.

  7. Both of these are very nice!

    I TRY to remember the advice to stop a few strokes before you think it's done.
    But sometimes, I keep "finding improvements" until it's this whole other painting".
    That's a tough question- When is it done?
    Sometimes I like to leave mine a little half-baked.
    These 2 look perfect. If something wasn't really bothering me or begging to be done, then it's done.

  8. Thank you Jill. It is one of the toughest questions to answer. Your answer is a good one . Now to check out your blog.