Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Pond Series

The Pond #4
                                   8 x 10                          $160

We live by a precious lake in our community called Heron Lake, It's not really a lake. It's part of a seasonal waterway that's been dammed up at one end. Seasonal rains and irrigation fills it. Either google or yahoo maps calls it a pond, anyway I've called it both. I've gotten to know it well as there's a one mile loop trail around it. I go walking it with my husband many mornings or afternoons. Joggers use it and it's a horse trail too. The colors change with the season and time of day. About a year ago, I decided to do an ongoing series based on this pond. I use photos taken along this loop trail as my references. The numbered ones are in small format and the larger paintings have individual titles ( refer to blog of August 29th to see Heron Lake Enchantment II). I will present more of these paintings from time to time.  Hope you enjoy this one. Do any of you out there do a similar thing. I would like to hear about it.

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  1. Hi, Anita. I love your idea of the walk, the photos, the paintings. I guess my "series" are sort of along the same line but not taken from photos, usually. I paint a lot from memory, truth be told. I love the way you draw your readers in with a question at the end of your post. I think that's an excellent technique and I use it sometimes too. I wish people would be more responsive, but I do know how busy people are.