Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting for Today

Lily Pond Glow
5 x 7
Pastel on Schmincke Sanspix Paper

Woke up this morning still in a funk of what still has to be done before Sierra Art Trails weekend coming up . The countdown is here and the pressure is on to get preparations done in the next six days. But it all comes together in the end  doesn't it. It has every year I've done it . Well folks, once again it's me doing it to myself. Yes, oops phone just rang, it was a friend. I'm back , forgot what I was going to say. Oh,  I remember, Yes I exercise most days and that helps relieve the stress no doubt about it, but it seems to pop back the next day. Soooo I have decided to call it good stress, at least for the rest of this week.
Oh, about the painting.....My inspiration for today's painting was the fabulous light and reflections in the water of the lily pond at The Norton Simon Museum.         

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