Thursday, September 24, 2009

Unexpected Scene's in Unexpected Places

High Country Lilys
7 x 7
                 Pastel on Suede Mat Board           $75

Somewhere in the Tehachapi Mountains above the town of Mohave, California where you wouldn't expect it there is this gorgeous lily pond . It sits among the pines. The mountain atmosphere and the clear air combine to make this pond one of the most beatiful I have ever seen. I have already done several large format paintings of sections of this pond (see below for one of them).  Unexpected scenes in unexpected places. As an artist , I'm always looking for a new angle, a new place to explore for future paintings. I try to keep my digital camera handy. Before I got my first digital camera, I used a conventional camera, but didn't always carry it with me, but I always have a throw-away camera in my glove compartment and almost got into an accident on the freeway because a beautiful scene caught my eye and at the last second I slowed down to exit the freeway. Stupid thing to do I know. I still carry a throw-away in my glove compartment but I manage to take my digital most of the time now.

Mountain Koi Pond  SOLD

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